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Eve Taylor London

Eve Taylor London is truly passionate about natural skin care. For over 5 decades we have been harnessing the power of aromatherapy and botanical extracts to enhance skin and well-being.

Our powerful botanical essences and the amazing benefits they bring set our products apart. Essential oils are the planets purest ingredients, derived from natures plants, including flowers, roots, bark and fruit peel. Not only do they smell incredible, but they can also restore balance to the skin and mind.

Ultra Soothing
This treatment is for hypersensitive, reactive or reddened skin. This range is essential oil free and uses ingredients such as oatmeal, camellia and borage seed oil.
£45.00 | 60 minutes

This treatment is for dry, mature, menopausal or mildly sensitive skin. This range uses essential oils such as geranium, eucalyptus and lavender.
£45.00 | 60 minutes

This treatment is for normal to combination skin. This range uses essential oils basil, jasmine and rosewood.
£45.00 | 60 minutes

This treatment is for oily skin with comedones or breakouts. This range uses essential oils such as ylang ylang, lemongrass and cedarwood.
£45.00 | 60 minutes

Anti Aging
Supreme technology combined with nature, for powerful results. Products formulated to treat and support the signs of aging, using a synergy of botanicals and advance ingredient technology.
£55.00 | 60 minutes

Repair and hydrate
This treatment is for all skin types. Ideal for roseacea, sensitivity, severe dehydration or inflamed breakouts. It hydrates, repairs and smoothes skin whilst reducing redness, itching and irritation and strengthening the skins barrier layer.
£55.00 | 60 minutes


Why not make the most of your relaxing experience and add a mini treatment

  • Scalp Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Eye Brightening Treatment

£12.50/each | 15 minutes